Why Does My Business Need a Mailing Address?

Does renting an office space in Glasgow which doesn’t need to be maintained or manned by you? Sound perfect at our Virtual offices in Glasgow we provide a mailing address service in the heart of Glasgow’s commercial centre.

If your business does not have a mailing address do not panic, having a virtual office will cover these without you needing to have a physical business or pay extortionate city centre office space costs for it. Our packages include:

  • A mail service.
  • Glasgow city centre mailing address.
  • Registered office address.
  • Forwarding of mail by 1st or 2nd class post, daily or weekly.
  • Email notification of the arrival of mail for your collection.
  • Meetings & conferencing.
  • 20% discount on meeting room rates.
  • Access to fully equipped conference rooms.
  • Mail forwarding: Royal Mail postal rates plus 15%.
  • Email for collection of mail.

There is no arguing with the fact that your business needs a mailing address and there are factors which must be taken into consideration.


Credibility and trust from your clients and other businesses is important. Customers like to do their research before buying or investing in a service online.
If your business has no contact address, or only a PO box number—customers may question whether your businesses professionalism.

In some cases, businesses will not have physical addresses so they can disappear without a trace. With fraud becoming a major issue with online transactions make sure you give your customers the information they need before they put their trust in your business.
By giving your potential clients a physical address it means they can also contact you if they have feedback or if anything goes wrong.

How to Get a Business Address

Virtual office spaces are the most professional way to get a business address which is recognisable. Virtual office spaces otherwise known as virtual business addresses provide clients with professional-looking mailing address.

Virtual office is great as they offer receptionist services and meeting spaces as well as a meeting address.


Working from home is becoming more and more popular for retailers.  A recent study displayed that there were 4.2 million home workers in January-March 2014 in the UK! This was the highest rate of home working since comparable records began in 1998.

If you are working from home it could be advantageous for you to give your business a physical address which will distinguish you as a more polished brand.

Meeting Place for Clients

Our virtual office gives our clients the opportunity to hire meeting rooms. Although it can be possible for you to meet clients at their office, or at a local coffee shop for trust purposes many want to see where your business is located and what your staff are like.

Give your business conviction with nothing to hide in our virtual office space and arrange meeting when it suits you! Have a place where you can meet your clients instead of meeting in busy non-business locations.

Why Choose a Virtual Office?

Our virtual offices are located in at a recognisable, city centre, Glasgow mailing address. We provide a low cost solution for you to get an established business address.

In doing so, you will raise the credibility of your business and will send a positive message to new and existing customers about the future of your company.

Many use our mailing address and virtual office service to protect their home life from unwanted callers and mail.

Would you like to find out more about our virtual offices? Give our team a call today and we can help you pick the right option for you!

Give your business an excellent corporate image and access to meeting rooms and business support, at a monthly cost of £19.95! With no deposit required. Pay annually, and receive two months free, at a cost of £199.00 excl. VAT.

Alternatively, send us an Email or fill out an Enquiry Form for more information.

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