Why Does My Business Need a Mailing Address?

If you want to rent a Glasgow city centre address, that doesn’t need to be maintained or manned by you, then our business address service in Glasgow may be the perfect thing for your business!

Having a mailing address located in Glasgow gives your business a sense of professionalism among consumers and other businesses alike. Giving you the advantages of a city centre address, without having to pay the extortionate costs that often come with renting and maintaining a physical office in the centre of Glasgow.

Our Business Address Glasgow package includes;

  • Mail collection service
  • Mail forwarding by Royal Mail 1st or 2nd class post; daily or weekly
  • Email notifications when your mail arrives at our office

Mail Forwarding Service | What Do We Offer?

We have a number of packages, each specially designed with your business’s functionality in mind.
Package 1
Virtual Office
only £79+vat p/m
  • Glasgow Registered address.
  • Royal Mail – mail storage and collection service.
  • Delivery address – storage and collection service.
  • Discounted meeting space. (25%).
  • Discounted touchdown office. (25%).
  • Meeting space – £10/hr.
  • Touchdown Office – £30 / day.
Package 2
Telephone Answering
only £99+vat p/m
  • Telephone answering.
  • Call forwarding.
  • After hours voicemail.
  • 0141 tel & fax numbers.
  • Fax-to-email service.
  • Glasgow Registered address.
  • Royal Mail – mail storage and collection service.
  • Delivery address – storage and collection service.
  • Meeting space and discounted meeting space. (3hrs-month included) (25% discount)
  • Touchdown Office and discounted touchdown office. (3hrs-month included) (25% discount)
  • Meeting space – £10/hr
  • Touchdown Office – £30 / day

Working from a Home Based Business?

Working from home is becoming more and more popular for retailers.  A recent study displayed that there were 4.2 million home workers in January-March 2014 in the UK! This was the highest rate of home working since comparable records began in 1998.

Many home based business owners will use their own address as the business address. While there is nothing wrong with this by law, it can take away from your personal privacy, as well as potentially looking unprofessional to anyone trying to get in contact with your business.

Mail Forwarding Service

Our mail forwarding service is a great option for companies looking for a business address in Glasgow City Centre. All businesses must have a registered address and if you are currently based from home, it can look unprofessional having a residential address representing your business.

That is why we offer this mail forwarding service, to help business owners professionalise the image of their business in the eyes of consumers.

Mail Collection Service

If you need to receive your mail is a matter of urgency (same day) or if you would just prefer to collect it yourself, our mail collection service comes as part of the package. You will be notified every time we receive mail for your business and you are free to come and collect it during our office hours.

Benefits of Our Business Address Service in Glasgow


Credibility and trust from your clients and other businesses is important. Customers like to do their research before buying or investing in a service online.

If your business has no contact address, or only a PO box number—customers may question whether your businesses professionalism.

In some cases, businesses will not have physical addresses so they can disappear without a trace. With fraud becoming a major issue with online transactions make sure you give your customers the information they need before they put their trust in your business.

By giving your potential clients a physical address it means they can also contact you if they have feedback or if anything goes wrong.


Having a sleek city centre business address in Glasgow can do your company wonders when it comes to how people perceive your business.

Keep Your Privacy Secure

If you are currently using your home address as your business address, then your privacy and personal security could be compromised. Using your home address means having to put it on your website, social media, business cards etc. This makes it easily accessible to anyone. Using a business address in Glasgow will help you keep your home address private, whilst still being able to run and operate your business from home.

Get a Business Address in Glasgow

The quickest and easiest way to secure a Glasgow City Centre business address is through us at Rent an Office Space. All of our business addresses in Glasgow are in prime commercial locations and we even have an Ayr location if you are located on the West Coast.

Our addresses include;

Office Locations

  • 24 Sandyford Place Glasgow G3 7NG
  • 8 Sandyford Place Glasgow G3 7NB
  • 16 Fitzroy Place Glasgow G3 7RW
  • 48 Berkeley Street Glasgow G3 7DS
  • 33 Dalintober Street Glasgow G5 8JZ
  • 64C Main Street Cambuslang G72 7EP
  • 4 Carrick Street Ayr KA7 1NS

Rent an Office Glasgow

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