Choosing a Service Package with Rent an Office Space Glasgow

Package 1
Virtual Office
only £79+vat p/m
  • Glasgow Registered address.
  • Royal Mail – mail storage and collection service.
  • Delivery address – storage and collection service.
  • Discounted meeting space. (25%).
  • Discounted touchdown office. (25%).
  • Meeting space – £10/hr.
  • Touchdown Office – £30 / day.
Package 2
Telephone Answering
only £99+vat p/m
  • Telephone answering.
  • Call forwarding.
  • After hours voicemail.
  • 0141 tel & fax numbers.
  • Fax-to-email service.
  • Glasgow Registered address.
  • Royal Mail – mail storage and collection service.
  • Delivery address – storage and collection service.
  • Meeting space and discounted meeting space. (3hrs-month included) (25% discount)
  • Touchdown Office and discounted touchdown office. (3hrs-month included) (25% discount)
  • Meeting space – £10/hr
  • Touchdown Office – £30 / day

What Rent an Office Space Can Do for You

Rent an Office Space Glasgow

At Rent an Office Space, we offer a wide range of services for modern businesses. Everything from virtual and commercial property in Glasgow and Ayr to call answering and mail forwarding services across Scotland. We offer simple solutions for businesses looking to take their professionalism to the next level.

Remote working is becoming more and more popular with many businesses. Our services allow you to focus on the running and functioning of your business, while letting us deal with all the admin side of things.

Don’t see a package that suits your company’s needs? Contact us to discuss a tailor-made package, specially designed for your business.

Our Services

We provide a range of services that appeal to modern business ventures. We have 4 different packages ranging from a basic registered office in Glasgow, all the way up to a complete virtual office package. No matter what your business needs, we have the right package available for you.

Our services include;

Remote Working and Virtual Offices

At Rent an Office Space we specialise in virtual offices in Glasgow and Ayr for remote working. A virtual office is the perfect way to handle the physical needs of your business, without committing to a physical workspace.

Call Answering

Never miss a phone call from a customer again, our call answering service can provide you with a receptionist between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Mail Forwarding/Collection

Our mail forwarding Glasgow service is praised for its efficiency, choose to either have your business mail forwarded first or second class. Or if you can’t wait, you can come and collect mail from your registered office address.

Registered Offices

In Scotland, it is now a legal requirement to have a company registered office address for any operating business. Using a registered office in Glasgow is a great solution if you want to protect your personal privacy and keep your home address separate from your business.

Physical Office Space Glasgow

Many businesses do still require a commercial office in Glasgow to be able to function effectively. If you’d prefer a physical office space in Glasgow or think it’s time to move your business to a new level, we also offer a number of physical office solutions.

Our physical offices offer a number of perks including;

  • Contemporary interiors
  • Fully equipped offices
  • Air conditioning
  • Telephone and broadband
  • On-site parking

Buy online and have your Glasgow virtual office set up in 5 hours.
Prices start from £39+vat per month

Buy online for immediate set up

Set up a new limited company online with our sister website:

    What Else Do Our Virtual Offices in Glasgow Offer?

    With our virtual office packages at Rent an Office Space Glasgow, you can also include access to some of our physical office spaces for staff or client meetings. This will allow you to collaborate with staff who work remotely, hold team meetings to discuss progress and discuss business matters with clients in a professional setting.

    When you choose Rent an Office Space in Glasgow you can get access to a number of services including;

    • Business address
    • Mail handling
    • Telephone answering
    • Fax-to-email service
    • Conference and meeting rooms
    • Touchdown office hire

    Benefits of Our Services

    Our services offer many benefits, including;

    Business Telephone Number

    A business telephone number will add a sense of professionalism to your business, we offer telephone numbers beginning in 0141. Business numbers can also be matched with your local area code so local customers feel safe to contact a familiar number. This can increase trust between you and your customers compared to using a personal mobile number and boost your reputation among new and existing consumers.

    Business Receptionist

    Never miss a lead again! We can provide you with a live receptionist to take all of your business calls during opening hours as well as an out of hours’ voicemail service. Constantly directing customers to an answering machine during business hours can give a bad impression and look unprofessional. Having a person dedicated to answering your business calls can help ensure that you never leave customers waiting again.

    Business Address

    Having a registered business address is essential, even if you don’t have a physical office. A business with a commercial City Centre address looks professional when customers search for your company or are looking for a similar company online.

    Where Are Our Virtual Offices in Scotland Located?

    We have virtual offices in Scotland located in Glasgow and Ayr.

    • 24 Sandyford Place Glasgow G3 7NG
    • 8 Sandyford Place Glasgow G3 7NB
    • 16 Fitzroy Place Glasgow G3 7RW
    • 48 Berkeley Street Glasgow G3 7DS
    • 33 Dalintober Street Glasgow G5 8JZ
    • 64C Main Street Cambuslang G72 7EP
    • 4 Carrick Street Ayr KA7 1NS

    Rent an Office Glasgow

    Commercial Property in Glasgow Isn’t Necessary for Every Business

    In this day and age, it is not essential for every business to have physical office space and for many, it is becoming more and more common to work from home. Flexible working patters have also gained popularity in recent years, especially in cases where face-to-face interaction isn’t always required.

    If you are a small business or start-up, then renting commercial property in Glasgow may not be the best thing for you. Renting an office space in Glasgow can be costly and it’s not just rent that you need to consider; Wi-Fi, phone lines and other utilities all add up and some companies cannot manage it. Not to mention that maintaining an office to appropriate Health and Safety standards can be a big demand for your business.

    The way that people work is changing, we are no longer tied to the typical 9-5 thanks to huge increases in technology over the last few years. Studies have shown that 67% of those working prefer to do so in their own environment. Thanks to cloud technology and software such as Skype and Google Docs, staff can be part of the team and collaborate without the need to work side by side. Businesses are starting to see the benefit of this working environment and are slowly beginning to abandon the typical office environment.

    Get in Contact Today

    If you are interested in any of our services or have any questions about our packages, then get in touch with Rent an Office Space today. Our team are dedicated to providing you with the best possible package for your business. If you are only interested in certain aspects of our packages a customised plan can be made to suit your business’s needs.

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    call answering package to suit your needs, please contact us on 0141 374 2352,
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